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About Albuquerque Express

Ahead of the game

Albuquerque Express is a long-standing news service with a spotlight on Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Featuring local news updated around-the-lock, the online portal keeps readers abreast of happenings not only in Albuquerque, but from around the state.

Local weather forecasts, movie and hotel reviews also feature.

RSS feeds of local Albuquerque news are provided while regular readers can subscribe to a daily newsletter, delivered by email.

As Albuquerque Express’s slogan implies: the site is ‘Ahead of the game.’

Contact: for any queries or comments, please use our contact form.

Corporate Overview:

Market: City of Albuquerque/Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), New Mexico/Estimated population 900,000+

Midwest Radio Network
Level 2, 111 Harrington Street
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Westpac Banking Corporation
Sydney, Australia

Big News Network news agency
Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE

Title: Albuquerque Express


Mission: Albuquerque Express was conceived in September 2002 to provide up-to-the minute local news, together with national and international headlines as part of a global network pooling resources to deliver a quality service to member portals. Each online publication has been modelled on a newspaper format for familiar readability by users. The locations forming part of the network were selected on the basis of demand for news for that location. Albuquerque Express, effectively an online newspaper, provides coverage of the city, and metropolitan area. International news, business and finance stories are common across the network of sites, and are drawn from a number of sources including original in-house journalists and wire services. Albuquerque Express and the other sites are administered by Midwest Radio Network.

Associated sites include: Austin Globe | Baton Rouge Post | Birmingham Star | Dallas Sun | Denver Sun | Houston Mirror | Las Vegas Herald | New Orleans Sun | Phoenix Herald | San Antonio Post | San Diego Sun | Tucson Post | Tuscaloosa Times


Publish news of your business, community or sports group, personnel appointments, major event and more by submitting a news release to Albuquerque Express.

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